Puesto Viejo Partners

Puesto Viejo is very thankful to have wonderful partners and sponsors! With a lovely estancia, spacious and elegant events space, polo club, and stables, Puesto Viejo Estancia & Polo Club is one of the only places in Argentina where you may encounter all of these amenities. To foster and ensure these pristine facilities, Puesto Viejo Estancia has diversified its partnership and sponsorship portfolio with an abundance of great companies.

These neighboring companies and organizations recognize Puesto Viejo Estancia’s commitment to quality and care of its guests. Their support provides us with premiere quality services to better assist our guests with whatever their heart may desire. The privilege of working with them has helped Puesto Viejo to become the beautiful property and boutique brand that is today. Please take a look at our partners and sponsors. We strongly recommend all of them.

Partner with Puesto Viejo

Companies wanting to partner with Puesto Viejo Estancia on areas of mutual interest (i.e. polo, corporate events, weddings, gastronomy, nature) should contact marketing. Our collaborating organizations:

Sponsor Puesto Viejo

Puesto Viejo Estancia relies on the support of local, national and international corporations to underwrite our polo tournaments. We are open to exploring creative sponsorship solutions to advance your company’s marketing and philanthropic objectives. If your organization is interested in sponsoring Puesto Viejo Estancia, please contact marketing.

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