Today we get to know… Jeremy Baker

Today we get to know… Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker in 12 questions

1. A place in the world:
St moritz

2. A place in Argentina:
That one’s easy… Puesto Viejo

3. An historical person:
Albert Einstein

4. Favorite time of day:
6pm, right after polo practice and time for the first beer!

5. A deadly sin:
Drink too much at night and play badly the day after.

6. Favorite food:
Roast chicken with French fries.

7. The best thing about your job:
The player’s excitement when they win a match.

8. The worst thing about your job:
The complaints of the players when they lose one.

9. A memory of a trip:
Being on safari with my wife Liliana, riding an elephant in Zimbabwe.

10. A book:
The Lord of the Rings

11. Your passion:
Puesto Viejo, and all things going on there.

12. A wish:
That my girls fulfill their dreams!

Jeremy Baker was born in London. After a lifetime in the world of finance he left England with his wife Liliana and bought Puesto Viejo, a ranch of 220 hectares located in Cañuelas, Argentina. There they’re running a high-end enterprise that includes a polo club, a boutique hotel, a meeting room and a country club.

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