The unstoppable duo!

While the Puesto Viejo tournament season was well underway with the finals of the Anna Isabella Cup this weekend, across the Atlantic, PV’s Santiago “Chino” Estrada and Ben Smet, were showing the Eurpoeans how its done!

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Belgian Polo Masters are well established in the world polo calendar, as one of the key tournaments in the European season. Held on Saturday 25th September at the Nottebohm Estate in Brecht, the event saw 8 international polo teams composed of some of Argentina’s best players and their European captains, challenge each other for the winning title.

Ben (1) and Chino (6) , played alongside Mauro Bianconi (0) and Julian Brazzola (1) in 4 chukka games against Los Abispones and La Esperanza. At the weekend, they won their final game to become overall champions. Well done guys, we look forward to welcoming you back to Puesto Viejo next week!

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