The President’s Letter

The President’s Letter: September 2011

Dear Members,

Welcome to another year of Polo here at Puesto Viejo Polo Club. We hope that you have had a productive and successful rest from our sport and that you are ready for a fun season this spring. The short winter months of rest that we have had over the winter, have in fact, been extremely busy as we continue to invest in and add to the installations in the club. We hope that you will appreciate all the changes that we have made.

The first and most important announcement is that Susie Labaronnie our invaluable office manager has had a baby! Baby Isabella was born 22 of may, a healthy and beautiful girl and Susie is just finishing her maternity leave. We are all looking forward to her returning in October and carrying on the invaluable work she does. Karina who has been covering for her has been doing a fantastic job, she will return to her full time job of helping Liliana run the Hotel once Susie is back. This brings me to the next important project that we have undertaken this winter and that is the major improvements that are still going on in the Hotel. We have increased the number of rooms to 10. All rooms have been improved and so now we offer 10 top class double rooms for our members and foreign visitors to stay in.

Our grand development – The Clubhouse – is thankfully very near to a conclusion. All of the administration has moved into the lovely new offices and so if you want to speak to Holly, Susie, Liliana or myself we are more than likely to be found in there than anywhere else. We expect and hope that this will become the heart of the club where all our members and their families should feel free to relax and enjoy themselves.

I am delighted to announce that Puesto Viejo has formed an alliance with Polo Elite. This is a company run and owned by Fernando Nieto – a new member – that gives people from all over the world their first experience of this wonderful sport. Fernando has built an incredible franchise that hosts some 50 – 100 guests a month all of whom will be coming to Puesto Viejo for their first ever time experiencing Polo. Polo is a wonderful pastime and I am very proud that together with Polo Elite hundreds of people will have their first experience of it here in our club.

It is vital for our sport and our club that we continue to encourage new members to join us. We welcome member of all levels, of course, and I am delighted to say that between Fernando, Sebastian, Lucas and Chino, we have the ability to give lessons to all levels of polo players.

Teams from Puesto Viejo will continue to play polo from 6- 20 goals in the tournaments of the Argentine Association of Polo. I must say a big thank you to Hernan Dotzel who is one of our most fanatical members and who always takes teams from this club to represent us all over the province. As well as this, Ben Smet has been playing with Chino in France, Belgium and Germany in Puesto Viejo shirts this summer in Europe so we can say that our club is truly International.

Most importantly we have a fantastic fixture list for this season with a range of low to medium goal polo for us all to enjoy. As well as these and with the help of our increasing number of better handicapped members, we will continue to organize fun and fast practices of a good level throughout the coming year.

Finally, all that remains is for me to wish you all an enjoyable, fun and successful season. Your club continues to grow. I hope we make you proud to be members here.

Best of luck,
Jeremy Baker

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