The First PV Tournament of the Season: Copa Anna Isabella!

With several members having warmed up at the AAP matches in the previous weeks, the Copa Anna Isabella, started the PV Tournament season on Wednesday 21st September.

The 0 to 4 goal, 4 chukka tournament began with Puesto Viejo One (Mike Reynal (2), Facundo Llosa (2), Matias Gonzalez (0) and Jeremy Baker (0) playing against Puesto Viejo Two (Yeye Guiraldes (1), Fernando Gomez (3), Sergio Alvarez (0) and new member Carlos Rodriguez (0) with an impressive victory of 8:2.

Meanwhile, Puesto Viejo Polo Elite (Fernando Nieto (1), Cristian Caruso (0), Gastón Fernández (2) and Maximiliano M.Oca (1) played Puesto Viejo Three (Lucas Torales (4), Esteban Germano (0), Francisco Elverdin (0) and Matias Mancheron (0). It was a very tight game with 2 goaler Gaston keeping 4 goaler Lucas in check! A 6:6 draw demonstrated the great play on both sides.

The next day, on Thursday 22nd September, Super Dotzel (Hernán Dotzel (0), Gabriel García (0), Ignacio Brunetti (2) and Pedro Casares (0) tried their luck against Puesto Viejo Three and won 5:2

On Friday 23rd, previous winners Puesto Viejo One played against La Sonada (Núñez/Renato (0), Pablo Falbo (0), Julio Casares (3) and Gabriel Porracin (0) and victory was theirs again with a score of 5:4.

So despite some highly un-original team names (come on guys!), it was a great start to the tournament and we are looking forward to watching La Sonada play Puesto Viejo Two and Super Dotzel play Puesto Viejo Polo Elite on Saturday before the finals this Sunday 25th September!


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