Puesto Viejo Estancia and Polo Club hosts DOMA INDIA!!

Exciting stuff has been happening here at Puesto Viejo!!!


Puesto Viejo hosted Oscar Scarpati and his son Cristobal Scarpati this past weekend for the very first time as they taught the techniques of Doma India. While members of Puest Viejo had previously experienced the teachings of the “horse legend” at other venues, it was a great honor to host such an even on our very own grounds for the first time!!


This level 1 course served as an introductory course into the “naturalistic” practice, and Oscar and Cristobal did a phenomenal job describing in detail how to gain a horse’s trust and obedience. Attendees were taught the practice of taming wild horses through this  method of respect and communication between the human and horse. It was amazing to see how quick their method works!


When attendees were not immersed in the teachings of Doma India, they enjoyed mouthwatering food at our lovely Clubhouse during lunch time. A delicious menu was put together on Saturday and Sunday which included empanadas, fresh salad, great asado with different kinds of meat, and a huge mesa dulce with coffee and tea. On Sunday there was a polo match on Cancha 3, right next to the parilla, where attendees enjoyed watching the polo players in the warm sunshine.


Oscar and Cristobal also offer level 2 and 3 courses, going deeper into their methods, and Puesto Viejo is very excited to announce we will be hosting more Doma India courses in the future! More details to follow…


As you can see, there is always something quite amazing happening here at Puesto Viejo!

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