Puesto Viejo Estancia Gives Back

Puesto Viejo has been looking for a good organization or charity to get involved with and/or give back to, and recently, we were contacted by Horses Healing Hearts.

This non-profit organization is based out of Wellington, Florida and helps children
of alcoholics and addicts build self-esteem and confidence by working with horses. The organization uses horses as a vehicle to teach empathy, trust, boundaries and responsibility. Every year, they hold an annual White West Party.

This fun event includes food, drinks, a band and silent auction to raise money for this cause.

Puesto Viejo Estancia participated in this event by offering a 5-night polo holiday for two, which was won by Mike Egan and Jennifer Williams. For more information about this wonderful organization and their full-filled events, please check out their Facebook page or website.

Below are some wonderful pictures from the event, and there are also more insightful photos of who their organization reaches and what exactly they do. We hope you enjoy them and decide to give back!

If you are a charity or organization in the Buenos Aires Province that involves animals, particularly horses, we would love to learn about your cause and explore possible opportunities with you! Please contact marketing to start this process.

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