Puesto Viejo Club de Campo

The best of the countryside just minutes away from the city

Work progress:

• Currently a family is already installed living in a 300 m2 house; two other families are moving in the next couple of weeks and there is a house under construction.

• The construction of the stables is already 80% complete, with 48 boxes for horses, 3 saddle rooms, 6 storage rooms, 8 studio apartments for grooms and two 1-bedroom flats for professionals or members to rent.

• A 332m2 warehouse for machinery and tools has already been completed.

• The construction of all electricity and gas meters is nearly finished (just missing painting and door fitting).
• The laying of optical fibre, which will provide telephone, broadband Internet, television and security cameras to all households, will be finished end of April 2016.

• The laying of low and medium voltage cables has been completed. All houses will have three-phase connection in their homes.

• Within a month, the lighting columns will be installed and the construction of the new entrance to the club will be completed.
• 90% of the piping for drinking water and sewage has been completed.

• The water tank that will supply all the houses will be installed next month.
• The excersice track and the second pitch is being finished.
• 60% of the roads and 70% of the lake is completed.

• 700 plants of a total of 2500 have been planted. Among the species planted there are araucarias, Jacaranda trees, casuarinas, pines, queen palms, phoenix palms, pink lapachos, tipas and silk floss trees.

Our dream is taking shape!

Sales and enquiries:

Puesto Viejo Estancia / gerente@puestoviejoestancia.com.ar / Tel. (011) 5279 6893

GGS and Associates / miguelggs@hotmail.com / Tel. (011) 15 6402 8013

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