New for 2012: Puesto Viejo Polo Days with Gaston

Interest in polo is growing across the world. And so it is no suprise that tourists visiting Buenos Aires are more keen than ever before to experience the sport in Argentina, arguably one of things the country is most famous for.

A recent article in La Nacion (featuring Puesto Viejo!) highlights this interest and so in 2012, we are introducing a new package to encourage tourists to have their first taste of the sport here at PV.

“Puesto Viejo Polo Days” offer tourists the opportunity to learn more about the game, enjoy a lesson with a professional instructor and watch polo club members play in an adrenaline fuelled match. Run by PV member Gaston Carrozzo, guests will be collected from the city centre in the mornings and returned again early evening. They will enjoy lunch at the hotel and also have access to the infinity pool.

Gaston´s knowledge, expertise and teaching qualifications (he is certified by the Hurlingham Polo Association, the governing body of polo in the UK) combined with his patience and genuine love of the sport, make him the ideal tutor for those trying polo for the first time.

For more information on PV Polo Days, please see the polo section of the website here:


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