‘Le Good Life’ with Mauara Reynal

Since its inception, polo, style and fashion have become synonymous with ‘the good life’.  With world-renowned polo tournaments being sponsored by French jewelers and sports car brands, to champagne and fashion houses – not to mention handsome polo players-turned-professional-models and their impeccably-groomed steeds – it seems only apt that we give you a sneak peak into all that is lavish and chic.

Hailing from Tangara da Serra, Mauara Marussi Reynal is a world-renowned Brazilian model who has graced catwalks and fashion magazines for over ten years! She is married to banker, polo player and Puesto Viejo Club member, Miguel Reynal, and currently resides in Argentina. With a background in theatre, languages and journalism, Mauara has recently started a blog showcasing the ins-and-out of fashion, style and trends. Check it out here: http://mauaradereynal.tumblr.com/ or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mauarareynal

Every so often, we’ll post snippets from Mauara’s blog to keep you up-to-date with all the contemporary things that matter.

So the next time you find yourself chauffeured to a polo tournament – with celebrities, royalty and socialites in attendance, donning designer couture, and snacking on gourmet cuisine – you’ll fit right in, as a patron of ‘le good life’. Dahling!

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