Fun Family event in Canuelas: Vivi Casares 2014

Canuelas is having a FUN, FAMILY event, with proceeds being distributed within the community towards institutions, NGOs, etc. this Sunday, September 7th. This is a great opportunity to go out with friends and family to enjoy fun outdoor activities with an antique car show, concerts, hot air balloons and other festivities. The event is going to happen at Estancia San Martin de Vicente Casares. The location itself is a National Historic Landmark, where the Martona family founded the dairy industry. This event may sound familiar to you: that is because it was originally scheduled for May 18th, but was canceled due to bad weather.

The SCHEDULE is as follows:

  • Starting in the morning, the public can tour more than 10 acres of property, visit the antique car show (provided by AVAC) and food areas.
  • 13-15h There will be sports going on (by the municipal administration of sports).
  • 15-16:30h There will performance by the support groups (Zeta Katzman, Los Troveros and group dances Lucas Trejo).
  • 16:30-17:15 There balloons will be inflated and launched. Pilots: Javier Barozza, Barozza Norberto, Roberto Stocker, Cristian Herfert, Ricardo Alvarez, Jorge Alvarez and Nicolas Ruggiero
  • 17:15-18:30 There will be a solo concert by Yamila Cafrune.
  • 18:30 There will be a night show called “Night Globe.”

There will be toilets, lighting and parking near the ranch house. Start at 12, there will be free shuttles going from Vicente Casares to Estancia San Martin (a distance of 1.6km). PARKING costs $5 per vehicle, which will benefit volunteer firefighters and AVAC.

There will be a drawing to win a free hot air balloon right for two people, courtesy of Javier Barozza. The winners will be allowed to choose which day in 2014 that they’d like to go on their free ride!

A ticket is $10, which it has been the price for over 12 years! As previously stated, all proceeds are going to NGOs, institutions, etc. You can purchase your ticket at the event or in advance from: Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary School No. 17, No. 10 ESB, Friendship Senior Center, Youth Ateneo Vicente Casares, Kindergarten No. 901, Society Building Vicente Casares, Club Social y Deportivo La Martona, Antituos Vehicle Association of canes (QALY).

You need to bring insect repellent, chairs and even tarps to take advantage of the park and stay up late!

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