The Finals of the Antonio Manzorro Cup!

Sunday 30th October saw the finals of the Copa Antonio Manzorro, Puesto Viejo´s 2nd tournament of the season, and one of its highest goal tournaments. In the morning, La Lugarena played La Guapa but despite a close game lost 6-7. On Cancha 2, Puesto Viejo played El Kabure Polo Passion. It was a tense game and in the 4th chukker Marionella Castagnola (who had joined the team at the last minute to replace Facundo Llosa) was hit in the face by Chino´s horse resulting in a trip to the hospital. Danny Ruiz, stepped in as the replacement for the last 2 chukkers and in the last minute scored the goal which secured victory for the Puesto Viejo team 9-8. In the final game of the day, La Sonada played El Relincho on Cancha 3. The game was equal until the 4th chukker when El Relincho took the edge to win the tournament. Congratulations El Relincho! There was a great turnout, and cheering and honking of horns and the end of the games confirmed a great time was had by both players and audience! Next up is the Circuito Polo Sur on 5 and 6 November. See you then!

Results of games below:

20/10/11 La Lugareña vs El Kabure Polo Passion (5:8)

22/10/11 La Lugareña vs La Soñada (2:7)

25/10/11 Puesto Viejo vs El Relincho (9:10)

25/10/11 El Kabure, PP vs La Soñada (9:10)

26/10/11  El Relincho vs La Guapa (10:10)

28/10/11 Puesto Viejo vs La Guapa (13:10)

To see pictures of the tournament, please see our Facebook page!

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