Doma India

In what can only be described as mesmerizing, the Puesto Viejo team recently had the immense pleasure of witnessing the legendary domador, Oscar Scarpati Schmid, in action.  In what otherwise would have been a dismal winter’s day spent snuggled up indoors, Don Oscar drew an unflinching crowd of dedicated students.  Both at home and abroad, Don Oscar’s message resonates with anyone passionate about the horse.

In the tradition of the native peoples of the Pampas, from whom he gained his naturalist worldview, taming the horse is grounded in respect and admiration.  From within this context, the domador develops certain cognitive elements for effective communication.  And indeed communication, without the threat of violence, is the key.  We observed in awe as the domador gained the trust of a wild animal through this Doma India methodology.
Puesto Viejo Estancia and Polo Clubis
at her heart about the Argentine campo’s love affair with the horse.  As the horse is intertwined with the countryside, so too is she the essence of the estancia.  If you too are a lover of horses, Don Oscar and his teachings are not to be missed.

It is with great pride and excitement that Puesto Viejo announces an upcoming course, by the legend himself, here on our very own estancia.  Stay tuned for more details.  For now, with mate in hand, sit down and enjoy some photos of this captivating experience.

Here’s to an even further reach of Don Oscar’s message…of understanding our beloved horses …and the conferment of their due respectful treatment, without exception.

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