The Clubhouse hosts its first big event!

On Saturday 19th November, the start of the Palermo Open, the Clubhouse was celebrating a first of its own by hosting a big corporate event. Puesto Viejo were delighted to welcome the BMW Stiftung foundation and the attendees of their World Young Leaders Forum. And what better place to host future young leaders that the stunning Clubhouse!

The chic white and blue furniture supplied by New Art Livings looked great in the main salon, garden and terraces while a delicious asado prepared by caterers Cocina de mi Tierra was served by their fantastic team of waiting staff. The PV polo team did a great job playing an exhibition game while guests were arriving despite the strong winds and rain. The main bar in the reception room served a variety of wines while the barmen outside kept the cocktails flowing. The band “Teachers” warmed the crowd up before the DJ took over using the state of the art sound system to ensure guests made the most of the dancefloor!

By the time the last bus left at 3am, there was no question that guests had a great time, organisers were very happy and that Puesto Viejo has been put on the map as a great estancia to host an event! For photos of the Clubhouse, please see our Facebook Page.

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