Buen Provecho, Y’all!

So, this is what my friends back home in South Carolina are doing at this very moment.  Am I homesick, you ask?  No way!  I still think Argentina is…(warning…this may shock…) the BEST place in the world to be right now… Read on to find out if you too can be convinced of this seeming blasphemy!

What makes a young American girl just tickled to be at an Argentine estancia on this crisp winter’s day, even as summertime Independence Day festivities rage back home?  Well, an asado at Puesto Viejo, of course!  Prepared by our world-class chef, Elías Román, this most Argentine of activities is what life is all about, no?

The asador takes no shortcuts to this memorable meal.  The freshest meat procured from the local farmer’s market.  Long-stoked coals glow under a traditional parilla (an outdoor, open-fire grill).  A brilliant glass of Malbec.  Guests are arriving–besos.

And now the meaty montage begins.  First, the achuras, or organ meats.  Having reservations?  Don´t.  Really. These crispy, perfect little delights are not to be missed.  Just use your newly learned Castellano and dig in–rinon, chinchulin, chorizo, morcilla, and my favorite, mollejas.  Then the main event– every tender, delicious cut of steak you heart can handle—tira de asado, vacío, and even lomo.  In the words of our beloved asador, in its purest form, the asado is about “freshness.  Focus your mind on uncomplicated, simple, natural ways.”

Elias continued, “I picked well, you see.  Through this food I am connected to my family–it’s deep inside me–something to give also to my children.”

Bueno, do you see now?  It is in the sharing of such deep-seated tradition and love of family and friends that I honor my national holiday.  What good are these laudable southern values then if not expressed?    It is in immersing myself in another culture that I celebrate my own.  Buen provecho,

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