The best things in life are worth waiting for!

Ok, we know it has been a while but the best things in life are always worth waiting for: and the Clubhouse is no exception! Below is a interview with interior designer and co owner Liliana, who gives us the latest update.

Q Hi Lily, so how is it all going and more importantly, when do you think the doors will open?!

A That’s not fair, I get this question everyday! Seriously though, we are looking set for an early September opening. The two key interior pieces will be in place within the next 2 weeks: the full length wooden bar arrives next weekend and the chandelier will be hanging by Monday. Staff will begin moving into the offices next week, so that should speed things up too!

Q What has been the biggest challenge so far?

A Finishing! Well, on a personal level, it has been a learning experience having to manage my expectations against reality. On the practical side, getting the second palm tree (a key feature of the grand entrance) became a bit of a nightmare. We were all set to have a palm (especially selected for its size which matched the other one perfectly) delivered to us, when it was discovered it was going to be logistically impossible to remove it from the ground due to all the cabelling wires surrounding it!

Q What will the interiors be like?

A Eceletic: a mixture of colours such as amber, blue and green and textures such a wood and glass. Due to the floor to ceiling windows, i have designed the space in order to make the most of the natural light. The wooden plaques engraved with the winning teams of the polo tournaments and a glass cabinet displaying team pictures and trophys are a personal highlight!

Q Where did you source the furniture from?

A That’s a trade secret! I won’t tell you everywhere, but i will say De Ayer y De Siempre ( who specialize is restoring antique furniture have been amazing to work with and have done an incredible job with the grand entrance doors and the large wooden bar.

Q What is your favourite item in the Clubhouse?

A There are so many to choose from and i have a new favourite each day but at the moment it has to be the chandelier. I worked on the design with Gustavo Vial from his company Planas Viau and i am so proud with how it has worked out. With an iron frame and crystal droplets with amber, green and blue, it really is a piece of art!

Q What sort of events do you imagine the space holding?

A Name an event and we can host it! From social functions like birthdays and anniversaries to corporate events such as product launches and presentations. I can’t wait for our first wedding, the space is perfect for them. I can imagine the bride coming up the driveway in a vintage horse and cart and being walked down the ailse in the garden!

Q How will the clubhouse benefit polo club members?

A Previously we have held after tournament drinks in the hotel grounds. The Clubhouse will be a perfect place to entertain members and their famillies after games and also provide a relaxed environment for members to discuss their adventures out on the field! With the wooden plaques listing current tournament winners and the cabinet of trophys sure to provide a talking point.

Q What do you like the most about the Clubhouse?

A Without question, the stunning views! The terrace and upper level veranda are great for watching the polo games on both sides of the building and the floor to ceiling windows, provide wonderful views for those inside.

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