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Countryside Accommodation Argentina

Staying at an exceptional, countryside destination such as our boutique hotel in Buenos Aires’ Cañuelas town means enjoying a number of recreational and leisure activities.

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Clubhouse Puesto Viejo Argentina

Puesto Viejo Estancia’s Clubhouse is a 2 level building specifically designed to host a wide range of social and corporate events in the heart of the countryside. From arrival, the space is designed to impress.

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Polo Games Argentina

Puesto Viejo Estancia is a fully affiliated Polo Club in Argentina with many members who livery, ride and play their horses throughout the season at the club. Professional players of 2-6 goals play alongside club members. We offer polo lessons and a full polo day for first time visitors.

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What People Are Saying

We have had world renown companies host events at Puesto Viejo Estancia, such as JetStyle, BMW, Santander, Lamborghini, Estée Lauder, and Infiniti just to name a few. Here is what people had to say about their experience with Puesto Viejo:

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Here you can find a quick roadmap with directions to our estancia.

Ruta Provincial 6 Km. 82 CP 1814 Cañuelas, Buenos Aires
Latitud: -35,07901
Longitude: -58,65664

+54 (011) 5279-6893

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